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SafetyNet is a Renewable Term Life Level
Face Amount Insurance Plan which provides
you and your family with protection and security
for the future. SafetyNet provides benefits to meet
your needs for protection against specified future events,
that means benefits other than at death. Your face
amount does not decrease with advancing age as long
as your coverage is in force.

Once you’ve selected a Face Amount that’s right for you, you can determine
the benefits you may need for future events. SafetyNet’s broad coverage will provides you with sound protection against the occurrence of Five different
types of events - specified illness, terminal illness, death and accidental death
or dismemberment.

Underwritten by Mid-West National Life Insurance Company
Home Office: Oklahoma City, OK.

*Rated "A-" (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company based on its current opinion of the Insurance Company's financial position and operating performance.

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