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Hospital Confinement Benefit - Accident

Accidental Death Benefit

Mail Service Pharmacy
Have prescriptions delivered to your home

Caremark Health & Wellness Link
Access valuable health information on the Web

Discount Dental Program
Savings on your family's dental needs

$5,000 Accident Disability Benefit
Protect you and your family from unforeseen events

Emergency Room Benefit
Covers fractures and dislocations by you and your dependents

Health Connection
More choices and information for your health

Access to Affordable Health Insurance

HealthWise Advantage CardSM
Help offset the high cost of healthcare

$5,000 Heart Attack Benefit
Safeguard the future for you, your family and your business

Hospital Savings Card

Customized Vitamins from Ideal Health
Vitamins designed specifically for you through easy home testing

Hospital Confinement Benefit - Illness

Key Kard Benefits Program
Unlock family health care savings

Emergency Helicopter Transportation
Help in times of crisis for you and your family

Medical Travel Assistance

Nurse Advice Hotline
Registered nurses available to answer your health questions

Association Rx Card

Vision Discount Plan
Convenient and affordable services and products for all your vision needs
Savings on vitamins, supplements, and more

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Alliance benefits availability dependent upon membership level in state of residence

Association Benefits

Family Benefits

Business Benefits

Health Benefits

South Carolina Plans

• Personal Choice PPO
• CA Together
• CA Plus
• Essential Core Care
• Cancer Wise • Universal Life
• Safety Net Life Plan