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Association 105® HRA
Deduct 100% of your family health insurance premiums and other medical expenses

Professional payroll samples designed exclusively for Association 105 HRA Customers

ABS Financial Services

DHL Express


A-Systems Accounting Software
Save 50% on small business accounting software

Bad Check Collection

Burns Graphics, Inc.

General Liability
General liability, property & business interruption coverage

Credit & Debit Card Processing

2006 Alliance Benefits Portfolio
Order a copy of the 2006 Alliance Benefits Guide online


Click&Inc - Business Incorporation Services

Save up to 5% on Dell products and services

E & O Coverage
Get professional liability protection for your protection

Alliance Advance E-letter
Latest news, monthly prize drawings, and tell your story

Hewlett Packard

Home Office Protection
Protect your home office equipment and liability with this special coverage

Association Identity Theft Protection

Legal Club of America® - Small Business Plan
Attorney network gives you access to legal services and advice

Legislative Advocacy
Your voice in Washington, D.C.

Alliance Guidance
In-depth information you need

Members Online

National Credit Systems

Penny Wise Office Products

International Paymaster Systems, Inc.

Save up to 20% on QuickBooks® financial software

Quality products and solutions for your business

Business Consultant Advice Line
Experienced advice is just a phone call away

A great new retirement alternative for owner-only employers

Taxback LLC
Get the tax return money you deserve from the IRS

Telcorp International
Savings on telecommunications

TurboTax Online
File your taxes online

Alliance Web Site
Information to help you live better and save more

Specifically reference Association 105® HRA in text.

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Alliance benefits availability dependent upon membership level in state of residence

Association Benefits

Family Benefits

Business Benefits

Health Benefits

South Carolina Plans

• Personal Choice PPO
• CA Together
• CA Plus
• Essential Core Care
• Cancer Wise • Universal Life
• Safety Net Life Plan