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For Today
Responsible planning for your family's needs includes
providing for them in the event of your unexpected loss.

Living expenses for your family
Paying off existing debt
College expenses for your children For tomorrow. Just as
   important is your plan for the future.
Cash accumulation* for:
Supplemental income
Medical expenses
Family emergencies

Why Universal Life? Simply stated, it's about flexibility and security with tax-deferred growth. Universal Life allows you to have:

Premium flexibility - Increase or decrease your premiums to fit
your budget without losing valuable coverage (subject to
minimum premium requirements).

Benefit flexibility - You can increase or decrease your policy face
amount (death benefit) as your lifestyle changes.

Tax-deferred growth - Interest accumulates in your cash
accumulation* fund on a tax-deferred basis.

Guaranteed interest - Your Mid-West National Universal Life
policy earns a guaranteed minimum interest rate of 3.25% (although current interest rates may be higher).

Permanent insurance - Unlike term insurance, your policy is
permanent and can provide cash accumulation* for emergencies,
to help pay for college, or supplement income.

*Cash accumulation is dependenet upon premiums paid, interest credited, administrative fees and cost of insurance

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