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Mid-West Quality

Mid-West National Life Insurance Company of Tennessee

Hospital Confinement Indemnity Insurance Coverage

Mid-West's financial strength, stability and dedication to providing quality
healthcare protection, superior customer service, prompt claims payment
and affordable coverage has made the company a leader in the industry in
protecting Policyholders nationwide!

Alliance's Commitment to You:

Alliance for Affordable Services meets the needs of
Americans like you!

For years, Alliance has provided Members access to many professional and lifestyle benefits.

The Alliance was designed to enhance the quality of life for American families that embrace the ideals and philosophy of entrepreneurship. Alliance offers numerous benefits to help you in all aspects of your life: health/wellness, family/lifestyle, and business/professional benefits.

Here's how the Essential Core Care Plan delivers real value for your premium dollar!

Coverage can be individually tailored

24-hour, worldwide coverage*

Your choice of doctors and hospitals

You can take your coverage with you regardless of your job situation

*Limited to the first 30-days of travel outside the United States or Canada for an injury and/or acute onset of a sickness.

Underwritten by Mid-West National Life Insurance Company
Home Office: Oklahoma City, OK.

*Rated "A-" (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company based on its current opinion of the Insurance Company's financial position and operating performance.

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South Carolina Plans

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• CA Together
• CA Plus
• Essential Core Care
• Cancer Wise • Universal Life
• Safety Net Life Plan